Well done, America.

I just got back from the White House. It is absolute pandemonium.

My voice is hoarse, I’m sweaty, I’m tired… somehow we hauled ass down there so quick, we were able to park a block from the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The leading edge of people that were rushing to the site. As we walked up to the lit-up house, we just heard this onrushing roar… the sounds of hundreds upon hundreds of supporters, screaming and yelling and shouting FOUR MORE YEARS! More than one person in tears. Hugs, kisses, climbing of trees, flashing of cameras, and oh the honking of horns. I’ve never seen such a spontaneous mass gathering fueled by such unbridled joy.

We walked around the White House, dodging reporters from all sorts of networks, foreign and domestic. Everywhere we turned, new throngs of ecstatic supporters rushed to the scene. After walking around the front of the House, we walk up to the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue. Every car is creeping by blasting it’s horn and waving– luxury cars, cabs, even DC ambulances. This one taxicab stops at a red light. A woman is leaning out the window and waving at everyone. She gets out, walks over, and gives me a big hug, tears in her eyes. “It’s nice to meet you,” she says, and gets back in the cab, driving off into the night.

By the time we can get back to the White House, the crowd has easily tripled in size. I climb up on top of a NPS truck that is rapidly becoming a camera platform, and just take it in. It’s a sea of people of every color, creed, gender and background. It’s positively electric, and it is pulsing through the crowd, feeding on itself. More people are still coming. The roar is oceanic, rising in tone, and as I leave it it is still growing. But we’ve seen all we needed. What a night.

More pics and videos later. This will have to do for now. Meanwhile, we have two more states that have allowed gay marriage, multiple states legalizing marijuana, our first openly gay senator… that’s progress, people. Well done indeed.

Today, we celebrate. Tomorrow, we go back to work. We have a long way to go before we rest.



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