Thirty Days of Music: #17

What happened to #16?  WordPress deleted it and my draft, and I’m not rewriting it, so we’re gonna move on.  Fuck you very much, WP.  But I digress.

“day 17 – a song that you hear often on the radio.”

I recently took a road trip to Nashville, and had a great time there.  In deference to my lady’s wishes, and in the spirit of embracing the musical genre that is so tied to Nashville, I rocked the country radio stations all the way to Tennessee and back.  Country really hasn’t been my thing, usually.  There’s lots of good stuff out there, no doubt, but a lot of it gets swallowed up by the poppy, the jingo, the brainless, and the irritating.  Only occasionally did we find stations that embraced the long history of country western, and I relished it when we did.  In the meantime, I got a full dose of modern pop country for five days.

The thing about country is, I love the aesthetics that it brings out for me.  I picture wide open spaces, dusty neon-lit bars, lakes and rivers and mountains.  I hear lots of songs about friends, family, drinkin’ and having fun, enjoying life.  That’s what I’m all about.  So I should like the music more, and as I keep listening to it, I just might.

But not all of it.  One song that stuck out to me was the below one.  I find it annoying, and only more so through repetition.  I still hear it a lot back home.  I find myself changing up the lyrics to make it more laughable, especially considering the refrain: “I (x) (x) with the farmer’s daughter.”  The possibilities are endless, believe me.


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