Thirty Days of Music: #16 (out of order, oops)

“day 16 – a song that you used to love but now hate.”

Well that’s easy.  On the bus to and from 7th grade, during the age of the Walkman, this was the time for illicit rocking out during the school day.  At the time, I really didn’t have any cassettes of my own, didn’t have my own radio, nothing.  So when I got my first listen to Metallica’s black album, I was automatically transformed.  At that time, musically, I was a piece of putty.  Whatever you put into my ears, I was probably going to like.  And Metallica got to me first.

But I absolutely cannot listen to the black album anymore, for several reasons.  First and foremost, is the merciless over-playing I committed on myself.  For a solid year, I listened to nothing, absolutely nothing, but this album on cassette.  Nothing else.  I don’t care if I never hear it again at this point.

Second, after hearing their other albums (Ride the Lightning, And Justice for All, Master of Puppets) why would I waste my time on this album anymore?  They had way better stuff than this.  Let it be consigned to the ash-heap of memory where it belongs.


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