Thirty Days of Music: #8

“day 08 – a song that you know all the words to.”

Easily, that would have to be Clutch, and it could be any number of songs from ‘Elephant Riders’ or ‘Pure Rock Fury,’ the albums I know and love best.  They are also the only band I’ve seen three times in three different towns, and every time, they’ve brought their A game and been a great show.

Yeah, I know all the words to ‘The Soapmakers.’  No one writes lyrics like Neil Fallon, and you can’t help but learn them as you listen, they are so entertaining and unique and frankly weird.  Usually I don’t listen to the lyrics are separate from the music, but Clutch is an exception.  And this version in particular is noteworthy, as I was actually at this show with Adam, on a kickass Christmas present from my sister.  I still remember it!  Thanks!


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