Thirty Days of Music!

Those that know me best know that music is central in my life- it adds color to to the gray, fixes moments and places in my memory, and fills in the gaps of my life.  It’s never in the background.  So when I saw the 30-Day Song Challenge on my friend Sewallis‘ blog, I knew I had to step up and do it myself.  Anyways, here’s the first one, so let’s dive in!

day 01 – your favorite song

I first heard this my freshman year of college, when I learned about the whole Low Desert scene- Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Brant Bjork, Mondo Generator, Yawning Man, all those guys.  I wish I could have gone to some of the generator parties that were thrown back when, but at least I can experience all these in it’s lo-fi, sludgy, rocking glory.  If I had to pick a favorite song, hard as a task as that is, I’ll go ahead and make it this one.

PS Screw you Atlantic Records for not letting me embed the proper music video.

More later…


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