Hello World!

Greetings to you all!  Welcome to what is inevitably going to become a sporadically-updated blog.  I’m not in this for constant entertainment, but more for posting interesting travel/trip reports, pictures, and writings as they strike me.  To that end, I would recommend you hit the RSS feed instead of checking back regularly.  While I can promise you that much of this will be inane, it will not be inane on a daily basis.

As for me, I’m just some guy that likes to share his observations, stories and pictures with friends, ones I know and ones I don’t.  So in that positive spirit, here’s hoping you find something to tickle your fancy.  Everything I have written and will write here is true– it’s just not necessarily all factual.  There is a difference.

I’ve criss-crossed this country many times, and have never failed to find amusing, interesting, heartbreaking and illuminating experiences along the way.  Every place has a story and a history.  I just like to write about them.  So here’s to you, read on and I hope you dig!




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